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Electronic Fuel Injectors rarely die, they just get dirty! DOCTOR INJECTOR will test, "ultrasonically" clean and completely reseal your injectors with all O.E.M. o-rings, filter screens, and pintle caps at a very low cost. This service will save you a lot of money compared to high replacement costs that a shop might charge for new injectors. We also sell full seal kits, starting from $19.95. Seal kit includes pintle caps, o-rings, filters, and spacers. 

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Here at Doctor Injector, we can do many things concerning fuel injection service. For an estimate, or question, please call the shop nearest to you.

Checking Procedure: 1. Flow Test Only (in sets)...

2. Leak Test & Check Spray Pattern...

3. "The Full Meal Deal"...
For "TBI" Style: 1. Flow Test Only...

2. Leak Test & Check Spray Pattern...

3. "The Full Meal Deal"...
For Mechanical Ball Style & "CIS" Type: 1. Clean and Flow only

2. "TBI" Rebush Shaft

For "TBI" Complete: 1. Single...

2. Dual w/ Reg, & all parts...
Includes Rebush and Sweep T.P.S.

"The Full Meal Deal" includes:

Strip & check spray pattern, OHM Test, Leak Test, Flow Test, "Ultrasonically" clean then Flow Test, reseal injectors with all new O.E.M quality seals, filter screens & Pintle Caps, plus supply "Leak & Flow" data sheets for you and your customer's information.

At DR.INJECTOR we stock a complete selection of O.E.M. quality gaskets for manifold upper to lower mounting, T.P.S. throttle body and flange heater mounting and a large variety of pressure diaphragms and gaskets, Pintle Caps for $1.50 each, special "O" rings for $1.95 each, and filter screens for $4.00 each.

The Advantage of Ultrasonic Cleaning Proven accuracy, all new filter baskets, seals and Pintle Caps installed. No potential damage to O-2 sensors or catalytic converters as is possible with pressure or chemical cleaning methods of the past! Our injector service will return your injector to 100% of their original flow capacity - Guaranteed!

Note: Injectors with severe water damage or internal electrical problems may not be repairable. Prices subject to change and may not reflect current rates.